Wordle is a word puzzle game published in the new york times, the gameplay is extremely simple and easy, making the game quickly become the most popular game in the world.

Why wordle became popular.

Wordle became popular for very simple reasons. It's easy to play, it's free, and you can play it anywhere with a phone, a computer, etc (you also need an internet connection).

New challenges are updated daily, and even if you play hundreds of times before when the new day comes, your experience will not make you win easily. Unpredictability is a way for the game to keep its old players loyal.

How to play

First, you need to have enough English to use, not too much, the game only revolves around 5 letter words, and there are hints for you to find the next word. You have 6 guesses to find the wordle, if you fail, you still know what wordle is and wait until tomorrow, it will be another interesting challenge.

The benefits of playing wordle

Every day you will learn a new word, to find a new word you need to find 6 other words, so you will strengthen your vocabulary.

You will be adding new words to your knowledge base, the joy of finding a wordle, and the disappointment of being too close to guessing.

If you find today's wordle, don't hesitate to show it off to others, the game has built-in social networking tools that let you share your achievements instantly. It's easy for you and your friends to play and discuss the game.

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