Poeltl is a game that combines the popular word-guessing game with NBA player names. The game is named after Jakob Poeltl, a center for the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA.

In Poeltl Wordle, players are given a series of blank spaces that represent the name of an NBA player. The objective of the game is to correctly guess the name of the player by suggesting letters one at a time. Each time a player suggests a letter that is not in the name, they receive a strike. If the player receives six strikes before correctly guessing the name, they lose the game.

The gameplay of Poeltl Wordle is probably similar to other word or guessing games where players are presented with a series of letters and must use them to guess a specific word or name. In this case, the game provides players with a limited number of attempts to guess the correct NBA player's name.

The game can be played online through various websites or as a physical game using a whiteboard or piece of paper. It has gained popularity among NBA fans as a fun and challenging way to test their knowledge of players in the league.

Poeltl Wordle is a simple yet entertaining game that adds a unique twist to the classic game of Hangman. Whether you're an NBA fan or just looking for a fun puzzle game, Poeltl Wordle is definitely worth a try.

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